This church began with very little being done by members.

And now to see locals taking responsibility of taking care of HIS church showing that discipleship is working

imageThis is really neat to see leaders preparing for next years AWANA’s. The  leaders of Kelvin, Franklyn Banegas, Carlos Alfredo, Mario, Ramon ministerio:br, and Maynor.


Thank you Pastor for being the example.

imageIt is neat watching these young boys following their Pastors example


And these guys are are being served lunch. Thanks for each of your examples, people are watching and you guys are impacting eternity in La Clonia.

imageThese guys preparing for future AWANA’s.

imagePlease remember this wonderful ministry in your daily prayers

We love you

Henry and Frances


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Below you will see a few photos of the AWANA leaders graduating from high school.

imageAbove photo is Marvin Jr, dad Marvin to left, grandmother left of Marvin, mom Caroline to right with brother Michael. Marvin Jr graduated from high school, faithful leader at Community of Faith Church. Marvin Sr. Been involved with leader of water ministry since beginning and leader at Communitynof Faith Church. Caroline also involved at Community of Faith Church.

imageThis is Kelvin with Pastor Oswaldo and wife  Liz. Graduating from High School. Community of Faith Church has had the opportunity to witnessed Kelvin receive Jesus, along with his sisters Gaby and Muerlla. All have been faithfull at Community of Faith Church.

imageThis is Dilcia, receiving graduating honors. Another wonderful example of someone receiving Jesus Christ under Community of Faith Church. And Dilcia pouring Jesus into others through many  opportunities at Community of Faith Church.

This ministry is blessed to have people praying.

Will you guys pray for Marvin Jr., Kelvin, and Dilcia?

We love you guys

Henry and Frances


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Ephesians 5:1-2
Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.

Photo above is a wonderful gift from Jesus, Dilcia. She is modeling the verse above.

Read verse again and pray for Dilcia.

imageAbove is Mario another wonderful gift Jesus has given to HIS church Community of Faith Church.

imageAbove is Carlos and Gaby celebrating AWANA Soccer team. These  guys have made sacrificial time investing in next generation of La Colonia.

imageLiz, teaching youth Gods Word.

imageAnd the investment Liz makes before coming before these youth is very evident.

Jesus is looking for more to come along slide of Pastor Oswaldo and Marvin, they will continue making investment into the people living in La Colonia.

Matthew 4:20. Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.

The above verse is where Pastor Oswaldo is developing leaders to have the confidence to lead.

Will YOU join this ministry in praying for, “MAKING DISCIPLES!”

Thank you guys so much for all of your time is this eternal investment.

Henry and Frances



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Yesterday (11/26/16) the La Colonia received a very serious rain storm impacting Marceal’s home with a terrible mud slide.

But Community of Faith Church showed up:

imageIt almost reached the top of Marceal’s new home.

Thanks Wilmer!

imageAbove photo Marceal in red shirt, David, Pastor son.

imageThanks Pastor for preaching His word but being an example.

imageThanks so much Kelvin for your steady example of showing La Colonia what Jesus looks like.

Thank you guys for praying, giving, coming, this is an example of a church maturing in Faith.

Henry and Frances


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I think back before LW4R began this was not happening.

And through your prayers/giving/coming God is building HIS Church.

imageThank you Liz for your commitment serving Jesus.

Above is photo of people coming for Choir practice preparing for Christmas.

imageThank you for your dedication preparing for Christmas.

imageThis is a blessing people coming  to spend time preparing for Christmas Cantada.

imageThis is the community, Community of Faith Church is reaching for Jesus, La Colonia.

Keep praying

Henry and Frances

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Living Water 4 Roatan, Community of Faith Church needs your prayers.

Our desire is to continue seeing HIS hand at work in this ministry.

And we know Prayer changes lives.


imageThe Roatan team decorating Community of Faith Church for Christmas.

imageAnd sometimes decorating can be challenging.

Love these people so much and oh how our hearts misses them so much.

imageTo be in Jacksonville watching listening to how these guys are growing in the Lord is so rewarding.

imageSo thankful for all of your steady prayers for this ministry, you guys will be receiving lots of Heavenly hugs from Honduras.

We love you so much our hearts are so blessed for each one of you as you recognize this ministry is God’s ministry.

And you guys are talking to the creator.

Henry and  Frances

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Women in La Colonia learning they can trust Jesus and each other.

Through Bible studies and fellowship.


Carolina, Marvin’s wife celebrating her Birthday with her Women’s  Bible study and family

imageThis ministry always placing Jesus first Through studying of Gods Word.

imageAnd wonderful watching them having fun enjoying special events.

imageAnd Pastor and Liz spending time with the young people in the ministry


imageAs I continue reporting updates on ministry in Roatan I am learning the value in discipship, investment of time.


And these guys are making that investment.

Will you move into praying for this ministry?

Frances and Henry loves you for your steady eternal investment

Henry and Frances



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